Filament Sensor

Hi, i have some bugs with my filament sensor.
Using 1.4.9 - Repeetier Server on 2x Ender 3 S1 and 1x Biqu B1 Se Plus (Both with filament sensor).
When the filament runout, the Ender 3 printers, don't run M600 or M412 S1, some times i send the comand M412 and don't have response or not recognized.
But the Biqu, i don't have this problem...

Using marlin at both printers and Repetier monitor last driver on Windows.


  • There are many ways the filament detection can work in marlin depednign on compilatin settings. Some only work with sd print, others will send messages we can catch so we start the change filament function.

    So first check if M412 says anything or if it is not supported by firmware. If supported make sur eit is enabled in connection script and check with logging if server gets a message when sensor is triggered. If it is a known string it would start filament change function. If it is using host prompt you should see marlin dialog in server ui. If nothing happens, please post the message and I check if it is a known string.
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