Prusaslicer upload error "http/0.9 when not allowed"

Tested with Prusa Slicer 2.5.1-win64 and 2.6.0-alpha5, Ubuntu 22.0.4, Repetier Server Pro 1.4.9, not rebranded.

Fresh Ubuntu installation with nothing except Repetier and Chrome added.

Attempting to upload files from Prusaslicer, to Repetier Server, file transfer errors out with message "HTTP/0.9 when not allowed":

Prusaslicer "test" says the connection is good, and I can retreive the list of printers, so there is some connectivity, just not able to upload.

Any suggestions?


  • Just tested it with 2.6.0-alpha5 and it worked with no issue on mac and it should be same code.

    You should check api key used. Is it really the global api key or the uuid? With wrong key you can query printers fine, but upload will fail due to missing permission. So my guess is wrong api key.
  • Agreed - PEBCAK.  Yesterday it didn't work, today it does.  Obviously, I fat-fingered something yesterday.  Thanks for checking.
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