Is there a way to use touchscreen mode with bullseye install

pretty new to all this

i bought a hyperpixel 4.0 for my pi to control my 2 printers. I used the latest rasp pi build bullseye and got my screen working and installed the repetier server but cant figure out how to use the touchscreen mode that i have seen in videos.

looking for some help


  • That is why we have our own image where all these things are preinstalled and configured. It is based on bullseye but enhanced with webcam stremer support, autoconnect usb sticks and touch interface.

    Touch interface is just chromium running a special url in kiosk mode. In our image it is in the autostart file like this:

    chromium-browser --force-device-scale-factor=1 --disable-features=TranslateUI,Translate --app-auto-launched --disable-pinch --incognito --noerrdialogs --disable-suggestions-service --disable-translate --disable-save-password-bubble --disable-session-crashed-bubble --disable-infobars --touch-events=disabled --disable-gesture-typing --kiosk --check-for-update-interval=31536000 --app= &
  • I was reading a guide on setting up the hyper pixel with the repetier image and couldnt wrap figure out how to use keyboard and mouse once I got it loaded. Wasnt even sure if the screen would connect without a keyboard to enable.

    Does hyper pixel work right out of the install on your image?
  • Since it seems to require special software I guess it will not work out of the box, but all you need to do is installing the driver just as you would do for original bullseye from pi foundation. Guess you used a image from hyperpixel where they already sis it. But looks quite easy checking the github page:

  • So how do I enable the keyboard and mouse when I boot the repetier image, i setup it up on a monitor and couldnt get keyboard and mouse to detect so thats why I went with the raspian image and installed repetier server as app
  • Keyboard should be enabled, we never disable it. Mouse is also enabled by default, just we hide cursor by default. In ssh run
    and there is a menu to define if you want to show mouse cursor or not.
    Also we start only a striped down desktop. You can get the menu with task switcher shortcut (alt+tab or windows+tab).
  • i dunno i was using 2 wireless keyboards mouses and neither worked so i went with the raspian install and both wireless devices were detected right away. i will try will with my pc cabled keyboard and mouse this week then
  • Run
    sudo raspi-config
    and enable bluetooth. I|m pretty sure I yust disabled it since it is not used normally with a touch screen and interface not needing a keyboard.
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    i ended up just getting the pi 7" touchscreen and problems went away after that haha!
    two more question, I'm currently on free trial of pro verison.

    1. how come i can't see my webcam or timelapse icon on my dashboard like on the live demo on your website?
    my c920 is plugged into my pi with my printer and it is recognized on my pc in the web version i can see my camera stream

    2. can you make the time format 12 hr clock on the home screen top left corner or is it always 24 hour clock, i didnt see any option to change it in time/format setting options.


    great software, will be ordering pro before trial ends!
  • 1. You mean touch interface I guess. It appears if you have selected a printer with webcam assigned. So in printer configuration->webcam you must have selected a webcam with jpg + mjpg stream as mode. You need to have added it and assigned it at the bottom. The bottom just shows what is running as webcam on your pi but does not mean it is assigned to printer. That is a extra step.

    2. Go to settings -> Time and format. It depends on scheme how clock gets formated. Exception is side bar left where there is not enough space to add AM or PM, so 24 hour clock is used here to spare space.
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