Anker Make M5 support?

Just a quick question, is the (new) printer "Anker Make M5" supported by Repetier-Server?


  • I can't say as we do not have the printer. It uses own firmware and ecosystem and I found no informations about compatibility and software communication stack. So if it is compatible with any supported firmware it would work, but that is unconfirmed.

    If anyone has that printer and can check on this, that would be great.
  • Open Source Control of AnkerMake M5

    Community members have created a set of open source tools that will allow for local control of your M5. This includes sending gcode through other slicers such as PrusaSlicer, Cura, Bambu Studio, and Orca Slicer. Additionally, you can record video and much more.

    GitHub - Ankermgmt/ankermake-m5-protocol: Ankermake M5 protocol specifications and libraries *NOT AFFILIATED WITH ANKER*

  • Thanks for the info. Needs a new printing method in server that is only possible when we implement the new planned structure. But then I will have a look into it.
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