Temprature gain

Hi Repetier....
Thanx for the GREAT SOFTWARE!!!
Question directly to you...can you guide me with the bug fix on temp gain in the firmware. I have tried uploading the newest firmware but no difference.  I have the old problem of temp_gain enabeled giving the bed temp to be 0.0.  the rest is working perfect on the extruders.  If I disable temp_gain all is normal.  guide me into extruder cpp if that is where the bug fix lies.

Your help is greatly appreciated. 


  • Assuming repetier firmware in extruder.cpp function void TemperatureController::updateCurrentTemperature()  at the end the temperatur is corrected.
    currentTemperatureC = currentTemperatureC * tempGain + tempBias;

    So if it is always 0 you have tempGain and tempBias for that heater 0.

    There is no mean to set it for bed. In eeprom.cpp in void EEPROM::restoreEEPROMSettingsFromConfiguration() you have the initalization in case you reset it from config:

    heatedBedController.tempGain = 1.0;
    heatedBedController.tempBias = 0.0;

    But you should also see it in eeprom due to this:

    writeFloat(EPR_HEATED_BED_GAIN, PSTR("Bed Temp. Gain"), 4);
    writeFloat(EPR_HEATED_BED_BIAS, PSTR("Bed Temp. Bias [degC]"), 4);
  • Thank you ... let me try....
  • YES.

    I can only say danke.  It is beautifull now. 

    p.s. syntax error in extruder.ccp either firmware or my typo.  
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