pink flashes over the video stream

I have a pi with repetier server and I am trying to use the new hq camera for raspberry pi. When I connect and view the stream it flashes pink constantly. I tried some of the camera settings on the server but no changes. Maybe I need more power?


  • Connect it to yourt windows pc and check ig it works ok there. If not the senor is just defect.

    In webcam config you can also open direct link to mjpg_stremer to see what we get from webcam software. Any error there is not fixable by us. You can try differen resolutions and framerates to see if it improves. Once had a cam that did not manage to encode last part of image so that was flickering garbage. Might also be artefacts from communication issues, try different usb ports especially if it shares one with printer. Power is easy to verify in the bolt icon menu. It will show if you had underpower. If you have it might be a reason, but not necessarily.
  • I removed the extension ribbon cable and the pink flashes are gone. Thats not good because the pi is up high. I need at least 3 feet. No issues with the other cameras for pi.
  • It didnt like the ribbon cable connectors i was using to make extensions. A long single cable works too. I can use this.
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