right click mousepad disables buttons mint 21

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Hello everyone!
I've been having a problem with the appimage version of rep-host 2.3.1. when I load an stl onto the platter I used to be able to reposition the part on the platter with the right mouse button. Now (and I'm not sure when this started) depressing the right button causes all mouse buttons to be disabled. I can move the mouse pointer but clicking does nothing. Also, One CPU core goes to 100%.
I use the keyboard to find the "repetier.bin" process and shut it down. Everything goes back to normal when I do this. My mouse works fine without repetier and/or without right clicking....has anyone else had this problem?


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         tried with manual version of repetier as well...same problem. noticed that mono is using 100% of resources. I still have to use the keyboard to shut it down. Repetier-host works fine as long as I don't use the right mouse button.
  • I could reproduce it with Ubuntu 22.04 as well. Empty printer right mouse works and has no problems. But when a model is loaded and yoiu want to move with right mouse it does not react any more. Looks like it goes into a internal loop eating up all cpu and preventing event handling so nothing reacts. Need to check next days if ti happens on windows as well or if it is a linux issue. After all moving with move icon left works and does the same - or should at least.
  • You are right that the "left click" method works. I have tried right clicking on another computer with an external mouse and everything works fine, but my HP pavilion mousepad doesn't like it, I haven't tried an external mouse yet. Thanks for verifying this for me.
  • Just tried an external mouse with mousepad disabled.....same results....can't right click. If I do after platter is loaded, it locks out all mouse buttons and puts one CPU core to 100%.
  • Any idea for a solution? Not looking forward to having to be careful all the time with the right mouse button. Hoping that there is some setting that will allow me to use both mouse buttons. I don't know why another of my desk top computers has no problem with the mouse, and works as it should under the same os.
  • It's on my todo but I'm quite busy with several other things as well and this requires a new release, so more work to expect. Nothing I can solve in a few minutes / such things tend to take days to figure out why it suddenly happens. Maybe a change or window system. Maybe it is a change to wayland that makes a difference.
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