Printer name and color

Besides the name, I identify my printers with colors. 
Currently, printer names have a green or red background color based on their status. 
Besides the name, wouldn't it also be possible to change the background to other colors? 
Leaving a red or green dot for the state.

FUTURE Furthermore, when a printer is printing, in addition to the indication of printing in progress, can't you add the preview of the file? NOW FUTURE


  • Colors for printer markup is difficult. At least the way you propose. See your yellow example where text gets hard to read. Also the circles are planned as filament color indicator for next bigger update. Also between dark and light mode you might want different colors which is bad as it makes thing complicated. Must work in both modes with a single color. Maybe having a stripe on the left side with the color as indicator, no text on it.

    Regarding image, all views must be identical so they have same height. Maybe as alternative to temp/webcam adding one more option for image instead of graph or even both. Need to run some tests on what looks good.
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