Fluid GUI

The file list on the website is constrain http:// ed to a narrow width. Most likely so it will fit on mobile devices better.


I tend to dislike using a mobile device for EVERYTHING, so I use my PC quite a bit. I have 3 three big monitors and would like to see a fluid gui option.

When you have longer file names the delete trashcan gets pushed off the file list and you usually get a scroll bar at the bottom. Not too terribly bad unless you have a folder with a LOT of files and you have to scroll all the way to the bottom to scroll sideways get to the trash can. Doing that you can lose your thumbnail or the first part of your items name.

Of course a quick workaround would be to change the view from a list to bigger thumbnails. BUT, I've noticed that the latest PrusaSLicer has been adding details to the name such as nozzle and layer size, material type and even what material is on what extruder and of course the extruder being used for that gcode. Hence why the names can get long. when you move to big thumbnails the file name is truncated to fit the image.



Just a suggestion.  ;-)


  • I can't fix the truncation. It was added to make them look correct. But I have jsut tested setting a title when size is bigger than 25 chars so you see full name on hover after a few seconds. I guess we will add this for next release.

    In tables it would not be such a good solution. After all it scrolls already when it becomes too long so all names fit. When you have spaces in it it would even wrap text. When I reduce it, I get complains that they do not see the full names at once. This one of the decisions that never will satisfy all users.

    You know that the default output name from prusaslicer is defined in print settings-> output options? E.g. [input_filename_base].gcode just uses the original filename.
  • I just found that setting. It was either never populated in the past, or the printer profiles that I used never had it populated. I had to rebuild my PC, install was a couple of years old and a little bit-rotted, so I went to Prusa's GitHub and found official profiles for my printers. Thar field was finally populated for my printer. I only lust started reusing PrusaSLicer recently. I've been using Cura. Cura uses a plugin the achieve the same result.

    The Repetier connection plugin for Cura can be rather bothersome when it comes to connecting your printer. If you don't have the printer instance name absolutely correct it will refuse to connect. I constantly found myself fighting with the plugin and trying to get the printers to connect. PrusaSlicer connects soooo much easier and has repetier support already built in. Besides, I like the simplicity of PrusaSlicer AND the ability to add modifiers OTHER than just a box for things like infill, negative volume and other special settings for separate parts of a print.
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