Object informations and cost caluclation

I have installed the last version of reptier server.  I have a problem with the "window" information about an object.

Normaly on this window you have a lot of information about your object (dimension, nbr of layer, length of filament, ...) included the volume and weight.

But theses 2 last information are all the time equal 0.  I have create 2 differents material in the Cost Configuration but I can not chose wich kind of material used.

Some body can help?


  • I guess something did go wrong with analysis. If you upload gcode again does it still happen? If yes, please provide the gcode for testing (pasebin / dropbox/...) so I can see if gcode causes this or something else.

    You could also open in developer tools the console to see if there is an error message from this problem.
  • Yes if I upload the gcode the problem still happen.  In fact with all gcode I have the same problem.

    This is the link to my Dropbox where you can find one GCODE.

    https://www.dropbox.com/s/243beuizbuk3yoz/Mandrin V2.gcode?dl=0

  • Uploaded gcode to my server and pricing and weight are ok. So if you have no volume/length it must come from some other source then gcode. So next would be to provide your printer configuration xml defined in your server. In th ehome screen you can download it in the printer menu.

    Also what OS and browser are you using in case it is a browser related bug.

  • On the folowing link you can download the configuration in XML.


    About the OS, Actually i'm under Windows 7 64bits (but I plan to move to Windows 10) and I have try with 2 browser : Opera and Firefox (last version for booth).

  • My problem is solved.  In fact when I have installed the server and configure the printer the first time, I was not connected to my printer.
    I have just try to create a new printer but this time connecte with my Prusia and now all seems to works fine.

    Thanks for your support.
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