the right setup!

I have 18 printers on 3 racks. 
I would like to have all my files in one place that can be sent to all printers. The setup is 3 raspberry pi's. is it possible?
Is it possible to start 5 printers when they are finished "with one click"

I haven't really been able to find an answer to it. So I hope you can help.


  • HI. There are two ways to store gcode files: in projects or directly in the printer directory 
    which can be shared with others.
  • > Is it possible to start 5 printers when they are finished "with one click"
    No exactly one click since you need to say which 5 priners, but when you start a print from a project you can select multiple printers at once to start a print. These must be on the pi of the ui you are using.
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    @fabiomaticus but you can only do it in the pro version, right?

    @Repetier sorry, what is ui? 

    has anyone tested how many can run on a raspberry 3B+ (only send g-code) can I run 6-7 pcs on a pi?

    thanks for quick response!
  • ui = User Interface

    Yes projects are a pro feature, but is the price so high compared to 18 printers. After all this pays answers here and further development.

    CPU wise you can connect 6-7 printers to pi, but the main problem often becomes electric problems from printers. The more you have the more likely it gets. But this is not predictable since different printers are shielded at different levels and even identical printers can behave different. And pi disconnects usb if EMF gets too high or voltage drops too much for protection and when you exceed that trashhold printing stops unexpectedly. Since you have the hardware already connect them to an active hub and try I'd say.
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