Dear Community,
I have a Felix Pro (and a Felix 3.0) that were used for Printer Prototyping and the z-sensors are absent/not functional. I am trying to make this machine working as a simple x-y-z machine but since the z-sensors do not work and the printer requires accepted coordinates to move I cannot use it. If the machine would accept G92 commands from repetierhost it would work however it seems that repetierhost does not support this command. I figured that a Felix FDM Printer in the lab takes the initial positions as zero, if I could set this at the prototype it would be sufficient to solve this problem. Does anyone has an idea how I can do this? I think trying to copy the firmware and eeprom from the FDM and upload it on the prototype might work (no idea how I could do this though), but it would be a rather risky endeavour since the prototype has some eeprom/firmware changes applied to it that might be necessary to use it. 
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  • When you send
    in manual commands host assumes zou are homed and at set home position. Best is if zou disable at z 0 position. On the other side at least my y axis moves down easyly when unpowered. At least for the pro did you try activating second extruder and home? I think each extruder has a own z switch. 
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