Source of some of my Weirdness/problems

I was running two printers, and had several remote windows open watching the progress.

Console was a bit slow, and I was noticing that it was getting "stuck" occasionally...

Opened up Task Manager and was surprised to see CPU utilization sitting at 96%, and it stayed there...
Had lot of memory available, but no cycles. Disk and Network were also fine.

I guess it's time to retire my ancient i3-Dell tower.

(No wonder the rendering took so long)

Now I have to remember everything needed to Run Repetier...
YawCam x2
MMP3 conversion thing...
Anything else??


  • Note that wecams can also cause lot of cpu usage depending on size, fpm and number of viewers seeing webcams.
    It is just copying images so not so cpu intensive (except maybe for yawcam if it needs to encode the images).

    What you list are the typicel external references. If you have no special scripts made that should be all.

    Note you can simply copy the storage folder to get your old settings etc. on next computer. Just yawcam and ffmpeg must be added manually.
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