RepetierMonitor GUI

Is it possible to access Projects from the Repetier Monitor interface in the future? I mean the interface that opens with the button on the right that says "Manage Printer Locally"
From that interface, you can select several gcode and that is useful for me now, since I am passing a lot of gcode to "Projects"
It would also be amazing to have in that interface, a "Printer List" button as if it is in the default GUI, but that you can see all the printers connected to Repetier Monitor (I have several servers in Repetier Monitor and I would like to navigate between printers connected to different servers more easily)


  • I can't say if we will add projects to monitor. That mainly depends on time available and there are always so many more wishes. That is why you can open printer gui from monitor with one click.

    Not sure about your printer list - sounds like the start page of monitor so what is the difference. To see all you might need to disable some filter in basic settings.
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