Timelapse locks up printer communication.

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I have found that using the Camera for Timelapse is sometimes flakey. When it invokes whatever code is necessary to take a snapshot, it does not "recover" from it consistently, and just sits waiting for the printer to do something.

The Printer has gone to the "TimeLapse Position" successfully

The Repietier log just shows it sending the "Time to completion" messages
It still shows "connected" but something in the "un-pause" section is getting eaten, and not recovering
The Printer shows no messages

If I pause the printer, from the printer, and the resume immediately, it will continue on for a long time;  only to get "stuck" at some random time later.

If I turn off "time Lapse," the printer will continue till completed with no other problems.

It never does this with TimeLapse turned off...

Now I have not tried to scroll back in the log to see what the last messages sent around the snapshot were, or if there were any errors/timeouts as most of the time there will be pages and pages of the time updates with nothing else... and I am trying to get the print DONE

This is Server Version 1.4.8, Win10, feeding a Marlin-2 driven printer.


  • Sounds like you use forced snapshot position. What are your other timelapse parameter - I mean snapshot per layer or time? Do you have a before and after script or is it default empty?
    Can you activate logging and provide a log where it happens?

    One of the big questions is if it stops at
    which is where we query the image from your webcam or before/after that. From time it sounds like it might be a communication hang with webcam also timeout is just 10s, but might just mean connection timeout. But print will not continue until the image is received.

    I also wonder why pausing makes it continue since snapshot is not a pause. Maybe a side effect from injecting new commands.

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