Camera (yawcam) Disconnects on Aborted Print

In Server version 1.4.8, if I abort a print, it disconnects from YawCam and will not reconnect.

If I have 2x sessions running, I only lose the aborted session; the other session will stay connected just fine.

It won't let me reconnect unless I reboot, and then everything connects automatically.

Most annoying because I can't reboot until the "other" session is completed, which could be a while (days sometimes).


  • Do you have multiple printers using same webcam or multiple instandces of yawcam running?
    Also when it happens is yawcam still running or did yawcam close? We do not control yawcam so we can not close it, but sometimes printer action influence usb which might stop yawcam. So the question is did we stop reading from yawcam or do we get no more information from yawcam beacuse it stopped. In latter case restarting yawcam should suffice. Server always tries to reconnect to webcams if used.
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