Need to talk to one of the developer of Repetier server ASAP regarding a new fimware

As you already know, in the list of firmware in the setup, Druid Firmware is not in there, and it gives me a lot of trouble, because we do not understand each other completely... the Repetier server want to access my EEPROM settings, but has no clue on how the data are organized... For the Gcodes, I have tried to mimic repetier firmware, mixed with marlin and klipper, plus new stuff from Dremel and me.. 

It may sound crazy like that, but already thousands of users are running Druid Firmware, and will eventually need Host, servers and slicers.. Cura is almost ok with a few tweaking... with a few Gcode when start and finish printing... But still add in the comments lines in all Gcodes ... Flavor : Repetier / or Flavor Marlin..

I was also wondering why the temperature and power per heater (PWM) REPORTING TO HOST is similar to that in marlin...

T:26.60 /0.00 B:25.00 /0.00 C:25.00 /0.00 T0:26.60 /0.00 T1:25.90 /0.00 @:0 B@:0 C@:0 @0:0 @1:0

it is ugly and it can be reduce in size, especially when some values do not change, why resending it..

My list of capability is different from any other firmware, so for M115
Repetier must receive a few unknown capabilities ...

Same for M503


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Need a solution ASAP
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