Keep more than 5 print logs before deletion?


On Repetier Server (Rpi) is there any way to increase the number of saved print logs past 5? Currently, once 5 prints have finished the oldest print log is automatically deleted. I looked briefly though the printer config in the firmware but wasn't able to find any obvious solution. I would like to save at least the previous 20 print logs if possible.



  • The number is currently hard coded. We limited it to prevent filling disk with unneccesary data. Normally you just need it to debug what went wrong so directly after print.

    Anyhow, for next release you can relax it with a extra entry in the server startup config xml using:
    for more about the startup config and how to add your modifications correctly.
  • Okay perfect thanks, exactly what I need (I use the logs for creating timelapses of prints that are auto-cleared off the bed, the more logs the more prints I can include in the timelapse).

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