Support extruder doesn't work if set to extruder 1

Apparently when slicing with Cura, you MUST have the support extruder set to Ext2. Because of some flipping around of filaments, I ended up putting support on Ext1 and Model filament on Ext2. When you try and set "Support Extruder" to Extruder 1 it will never generate G-Code correctly. Everything prints on one nozzle. In the object placement, I select "2" for the extruder on the STL, then in the CuraEngine Settings: Print->Extrusion I set Suppport Extruder to Extruder 1.
This appears to be a bug. It works fine in CuraEngine directly, so it's probably something with the way Repetier calls Cura.  Honestly, I've come across so many bugs with the CuraEngine integration in Repetier that it's becoming hard to trust it. I have had some spectacular print failures due to crazy slicing and it's getting really annoying to have to check the G-Code manually every print. I've been having to do most my slicing in CuraEngine directly.


  • You don't use CuraEngine directly - that is Cura and probably a newer version. We bundle the latest 1.x engine but it will get no new updates. Newer engines are not compatible with parameter so we can not upgrade tu cura 5. For integrated Slicer we advice PrusaSlicer which is up to date.
  • OK - that makes sense why I'm seeing a LOT of bugs with the Cura slicer in Repetier host. My solution has been to just slice in Cura and not use Repetier host at all - I just upload my gcode to the server. I gave Prusa a try, but the integration with Repetier Host is really kludgy - I make changes in the Prusa configuration that don't get reflected in Repetier Host. 
  • So I just tried playing around with Prusa again as launched from Repetier and it is basically useless. In my standalone Prusa, I can add filaments and they show up in the library of filaments as they should. However in the Prusa launched from Repetier Host, adding filaments does nothing. In fact, the only list of filaments is actually the list of printers, so that setting is completely botched. Instead of using a library of well defined filaments, the only solution is to manually add each filament. I don't know if this is the slicer app's bug or Repetier's integration with it, but it's unusable as is. So again my workaround is to not even bother with Repetier Host and just run Prusa Slicer independently. 
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