I have been using repeater server for several months and I would like to make some personal considerations based on my experience.
I state that the assistance received here from repetier server has always been punctual, professional and decisive: a sign that the project is active and there is a lot of attention from the developers.
I absolutely do not want these considerations of mine to be misunderstood, my intent is only to understand if I am doing something wrong, or if there is something that can be improved.
It would also be helpful to know how others use repetier servers as well.

My configuration is simple: 3 printers with repetier server in a raspberry.
I make several new gcode files daily; therefore after realizing the gcode with the slicer I have two possibilities:
- the first is to load the file directly via the slicer into the default group of a printer;
- the second is to save the file on your computer and then create a dedicated project on repetier.

Then the first way which is the fastest, unfortunately it is also the least manageable as there is no possibility to create sub-groups: I have almost 3000 gcode files that I print occasionally and it would be unthinkable to have them all in one group or divided for example into 30 groups of 100.

The second way instead involves the creation of projects with the possibility of creating folders and subfolders.
The management here is optimal, but on the other hand there is a greater commitment of time.
Also the gcode files uploaded here do not have a print counter which is possible in the groups gcode file. (personally influential parameter).

In short, I think the ideal would be to have the union of the two possibilities: load the gcode directly from the slicer into a specific repetier folder and from there create the related project with all the useful information.


  • The regular gcode storage was never planned to be a permanent storage for all files ever printed. Actually at the beginning it even had no groups. We learned it from feedback that there are quite some users doing this. We thought a project system from where you could generate gcode for the currently needed printer would be enough. So yes the system is not optimal for some usages and we do our best possible. Some improvements will need breaking changes and there will be a point where we will make a big update. But that has to wait a bit until we have all planned features included. Until there we make a list do do as much of them when we have them at once. 
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