Custom G-code

Is it possible in "CuraEngine Settings" in "G-codes" to insert in addition to Start and End G-code "Before layer change G-code"?

I would like when using CuraEngine to be able to change some of the print parameters for certain layers.
For example "Flow Percentage" M221 S50 from the first to the third layer.


  • No you can not change automatically gcode for special layer in config. You can edit it afterwards in the gcode editor where you can jump to layers directly. If you print via  Repetier-Server you can use scripts in layer change code that use our script language to test against a layer and send M221. 
    BTW: Flow 50% for first layer is normally a very bad idea. If you really need this your z homing is probably wrong and bed too close to printer.
  • Thank you very much for the quick and accurate reply.
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