List of GCODE files (filenames) instead of preview

After update I got preview of gcode in a form of image instead of list. How can I switch to the list? I have long filenames with particular color settings per feeder. Now the filename is cut and it is very annoying as I have to download file check filename and so on. How can I return back to filename list?


  • The gcode lists in print tab have a view selector where you can select between 4 different views.

    If you mean projects there is no selector, only that view with renderings which so many users wanted to see. Will think about a switch there as well. You can see it probably if you select it at top where we now also write the filename.
  • This is a gcode list in my project tab:, notice the filename is not complete.

    There should be full filename (except maybe .gcode extension) and a icon to direct print (queue) the gcode. Issue for me is I have lot of gcodes per different printers and I need to check them out first before printing and it is quite annoying.  I also have a lot of files in a single project and the thumbnails are unneccesary large, switching between list and thumbnails would be very appreciated.

    Or maybe the compromise would be a smaller thumbnail on the right side and on the left side information about gcode  starting with filename at the top, under that total values (like filament used, print time, price, etc) - sorted by filename.

    Until then I will go back to  previous version as I find this view extremely unpractical for me. 

  • In 1.4.9 there will be a selector like in printer gcode list to switch between 2 table styles and image view.
  • Thank you, really appreciate it!
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