Server Hangs When Uploading


Just bought an Insignia tablet and I'm trying to get Repetier-Server to run on it. Ive got it to connect and control the printer. But when I try to upload a gcode file, ether from a remote or right on the tablet, it hangs saying "Uploading...". If I stop the server then restart it, the file is in the list. If I refresh the page, it goes back to normal but the file it not there. I still have to stop then restart the server for it to show up.



  • Yes, we found the problem and it is fixed for next release. It happens when your browser starts 2 uploads - one with empty content. No idea why it does it sometimes, but then the server hangs and needs to be restarted also upload of the first complete file was successful. Our fix is to ignore empty uploads so it does not hang any more.
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