bed height print error

Hi, im having a weird issue where when i go to print the bed lowers several inches below the extruder. The print then starts and its just dropping a stringy mess of filament everywhere because its so high. Any idea how to fix this? I got a Davinci XYZ 1.0 printer 2nd hand with Repetier already flashed onto it. Im using Repetier-Host V2.3.1 on my laptop 


  • Normally prints send just G28 at start go to 0 level. So try if this command is working correctly. If not you need to fix the reason why printer does it wrong e.g. check if end stop is working correctly or triggers too early or check eeprom settings if z height is wrong. If it works check the other commands in start script if there is a reason easpecially look for G92 and G1 Z... moves. 
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