Prusa Mini Filament Unload

After a print is finished and I want to change filament I usually disconnect on the printer and hit unload filament. Then I have to reconnect the printer which is super inconvenient. Is there a more efficient way? If I use the filament unload/load configuration in Repetier I have to retract and extrude multiple times. Super annoying and time consuming. 


  • In server you have slow and fast distance in change filament. For unloading both are added and executed at fast speed. For insertion first fast then slow is executed plus you can have own load/unload script to optimize it for your model. So with good settings you only need to hit load/unload once.
    In script you could e.g add a low move first to insert filament and then the fast move.
  • How can i configure the amount of filament that is purged etc? I can see how can i save the variable amount for the printer? It doesnt save the amount of filament for fast/slow?
  • When I change fast/slow distance and continue it gets saved for me. If you just change value and go back it does not get saved.
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