Live view style change

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While printing in the last few weeks, the live view of the filament on my monitor looks great for a while with normal color and filament thickness, but after 30 minutes of printing or so the filament representation changes to this terrible-looking, dark, zero-thickness line. Why does it do this? Can I disable it so that it always looks like it should? It's quite annoying.
What I'm talking about:


  • The feature causing this can be disabled in Preferences->Basic Settings->Disable Quality Reduction. Only question is if this is a good idea. You need high update frequency to get communication going fast. If your update frequency goes below a treshold the host reduces quality to keep up a good speed and safe your print. Disabling this protection mechanism might this cause problems with print quality.

    Normally a 30 minutes print can be handled by current hardware pretty well, but you need to use VBOs as drawing algorithm which is the only method fast enough. This requires OpenGL 1.5 or later to work.
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