2 printers - only 1 displays moving temp

I have 2 identical Ender 2 Pro printers with identical firmware connected to a RasPi.
The first one I connected to the Pi shows a moving temp display on the Dashboard, the second printer - set up more recently - does not.
Is there a setting somewhere that controls this?
Just thought - maybe it is a free version limitation?


  • No not a free issue. Maybe you did not define an extruder for the second printer then you would not see any temperatures.
  • Thank you very much. You are correct. I don't recall *actually* defining an extruder for the first printer but it was there, and doing that (via "Add Tool" in Printer Settings > Tools tab for anyone else finding this) for the second printer has indeed created the temperature display.
    I note the extruder definition includes nozzle size. If I create additional extruders for (say) .6 and .8 nozzles, where does selecting the appropriate extruder come in the workflow? Is it done within Repetier, or the slicer somehow?
    Thanks again !
  • Currently this info is unused. It is later planned to verify you have installed correct nozzle for the print. But will also likely get easier to change then.
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