Workflow in Repetier Monitor

I have been using Repetier Server since my farm grew to 3 printers, currently I have 12 and I plan to buy several more
They are divided into 3 RPi, since I could never connect more than 4 printers per RPi, since it started with problems of random disconnections due to EMI in the USB ports
Being that since I added more than one RPi my user experience dropped a bit, since my jobs are repetitive and I have many identical machines, I upload a file to an RPi and after a few days I want to print it on another machine and I have to find which server I uploaded that file, download it and upload it to the server where you print it now
This was not a problem at first because I had only one Gcodes directory distilling the "Use own gcode model directory" option on the other printers
I don't like the "Project" function, I don't have the gcode rendered and the navigation between folders is not as fluid as in the "printer" GUI itself
I understand that I can't share the directory between 2 different servers, but maybe using "Repetier Monitor" and the GUI that opens when I press the "Manage Printers Locally" button, I could set up some kind of group between printers from different servers and, for example, the Files you upload to one printer are uploaded to all printers that are part of this group
Currently 10 of my 12 printers use the same gcode and it would be useful

I understand that maybe what I'm saying is impossible to do but I still wanted to comment on it, if it's something impossible, just tell me and that's it, but if it were possible it would be great


  • Bad news is that it is in deed impossible at the moment. Shared gcodes just use the other folder on same machine and server knows about this, so it is handled accordingly. To have it working over all servers there would be a controlling instance needed and mointor is not that as you start it when needed and it was not designed for that.

    Good news is that with next update Projects solve the issue you dislike. They will get gcode rendering and 3d view/summary... just timing will not match as it is not bound to the special printer and uses a internal printer with it's timings as base, but the coarse time will match. And since projects get loaded when used (they do not sync) when the storing device is online that would be the way to go. Best is if you have one device to store all that is then always running.
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