Repetier-Server, file workflows.

Hi All

I am curious about how people are using repetier-server within their workflow.  Currently I am:

  • Designing items within Tinkercad and exporting as a STL
  • Importing STL into Repetier-Host, slicing and exporting as GCODE 
  • Importing GCODE into Repetier-Server via direct print.
Am I missing something which would cut down the number of styles of files?



  • There is no way around stl->gcode conversion. If you use direct print or store it in models and print from there is up to you. Storing allows to reprint, check time before, but adds one more step. Host with  Repetier-Server Connector can also send gcode directly to  Repetier-Server so you do not need the web interface. In a future version there will be a slicer in  Repetier-Server.
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