Add option to show thumbnails on "Your Massages"

edited January 23 in Feature Requests
Running a workshop with multiple printers, multi-part prints,
it would be nice to have an overview/report of what prints were successfully performed.
The Massages panel has potential. but it lacks two things:
  1. Thumbnails - multipart objects are often named in an undistinguished manner (part_01, part_02...) there's just no other meaningful way, so it would be nice to have a thumbnail there.
  1. Visual clarity - whether a print was "successfully" performed (this just to say the gcodes was executed to the final line, of course in reality the print could be a bad one), or whether it was interrupted.

Now, maybe showing all of that in the dropdown massages menu isn't ideal, it's too much information in a small space... so another screen specifically for that would be welcomed. 
Anyway, great software, keep up the good work.


  • That is what history and reports are for. In history you see all files and if they succeeded or not. If you enabled reports the report is also downloadable there, which is a pdf file. It includes the rendered image and if you have the webcam image when finished and some statistics. We do not want to keep to much extra files around so that is the only file we keep (optionally for a while only) to check on last prints.
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