Filament sensor using GPIO

hello, I'm using RS on 12 machines with RS and I couldn't use the original filament sensors, so I decided to use the GPIO inputs for it, I already have it working on the 3 RPi and everything is fine, I even connected Repetier Informer, but there is something What annoys me is that with the machine on standby, I change the roll of filament, the machine detects that and notifies me on my PC screen and alerts me to my cell phone as if I had a machine without filament, I use it all day the 12 machines, which fills me with Repetier Informer notifications so I don't know if the notification is a filament change or it really is a problem
I would love to be able to get the machine to only send the msg both to my screen and to Repetier inform if the GPIO port went off AND the machine is with a job in progress
I am currently using the function "Run GCode on Change"
and i run this

Is there a smarter way to do it? Or can I add some condition somehow?


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