Print times via Cura

Hello all,
been using Cura for quite a while and all of a sudden by my print times are way way off.
I am printing a bracket that Cura (latest rev) says will take 2 hours and 38 minutes.
Repetier Server (installed on a Pi 3+) says it will take 39 days. 

Any obvious things I should check?

Thank you!


  • Are you on a recent version? There was a known issue when you switch extruders with reducing temperature that could increate print time massively. Also ensure heat speed is defined correctly in printer tools. And lastly check maximum allowed speeds set in General->Print time calculation tab. Low values e.g. max speed 10mm/s while printing want 80mm/s would increase by factor 8 in this example. After changing you need to select "Reparse G-Code" on teh model so new time gets computed or reupload the g-code file.
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    Hi there! Yes I am using 5.2.1 and  Thank you for your suggestions. Everything seems to be normal under speed. The values are taken from the firmware. I have changed 3d Printer and I have the same problem.
    If I slice via Ideamaker then the print times are correct.  So it must be a Cura issue?
  • Can you provide a download to a gcode that is so slow and tell the time it takes for your printer and accrding cura, then I can have a look at it.

    As I said there was an issue in older versions that increased time with temperature changes, but that's the only reason apart from wrong settings I know about so far. But might be a new issue that happens with your settings.
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