Moving Multiple items into Project

When using Server Monitor you can move multiple items into a group. comes in really handy when you have a LOT of parts.

Can this function be added to projects? From what I see so far, when moving to a project you still have to do it one piece at a time.

I have two Geeetech A30T printers, so the project feature can really help me share files without having to upload to the other printer as well. I can select one printer to "home" the files and create a project to share them to the other, and maybe more if I keep going down the rabbit hole, lol.


  • You can drag multiple objects to file upload button in projects. At least in current release. Was added somewhere last year.
  • Returning to this question.

    I have a group that has 5 pages or so of gcode files. I created a project because I have two similar printers that can print each others gcode successfully. It helps to have them both printing a model that has many parts and I want to reduce print time by having both printers working on the model.

    I know I can drag and drop multiple files onto the upload button. But, if I already uploaded the gcode from my slicer to the "first" printer, is there a way to download all of the gcode from a particular group in order to drag it into the project?

    In a way for future large file batches it would most likely be easier to export the gcode to disk, then upload to the project. Sometimes I don't preplan having both printers printing a particular set of gcodes so I find myself creating a new project after that fact and copying my files to the project from the original printer's group. Easy enough with just a handful of files. But when a model can contain 50 or more parts, that can be pretty tedious.

    In short, is there a way, or can a new feature be added to download all the gcode from a printer's group?
  • Currently this is not possible. I think we should better add a selector so we can add operations on selection like delete/move/download. Would make such things a bit more handy. I have it now on my ideas for todo when I'm through also at the moment I'd like first to add material management and slicing before that. Also I might get into mood to do it in between.

    Until then, if they are on same server are you aware of the option to share g-code models across printers on same instance?
  • Yes I do know that feature. Though with as scatterbrained as I can be these days as I get older (much older), the project feature really does come in handy helping me organize my prints.  ;-)

    Material management on a SINGLE server would be great. I do know when I was doing that across MULTIPLE octoprint instances it did get to be troublesome. Though with the way you have Repetier designed it should certainly be much easier and more reliable.

    I am also going to keep an eye out on any Palette 3/3 Pro features you may add. I JUST purchased one of those the other day. Trying to scale back and up in a way. I have two small form printers (Prusa Mini and a Tronxy CRUX 1). Two really great printers. The two Geeetech A30Ts are proving to be very troublesome. Unfortunately they did not use  Marlin, but instead SmartTouch (or something like that) and I have been getting VERY unreliable prints out of them. I pretty much exhausted all options on getting them to work. Everything from slicing settings, bed/gantry leveling, print temperatures, extruder tension, just about everything you can name to get a consistent print. Of course that was on TOP of all the failed hardware, boards, fans, other parts. Though I do have to say their support/warranty department has been taking good care of me in that respect. I think the mixing extruder and the proprietary firmware just doesn't fit my needs.

    I'm hoping that the Palette 3 Pro and a "simpler" but larger form factor direct drive printer will be the answer. Yes a mixing extruder was nice, but very unpredictable and much too easy to clog up. With my Elegoo Neptune 2D the dual extruder setup was easier to maintain as long as I remembered to retract the filament into the bowden at the end of each print or failure. Something I was bad at admittedly. Going with a direct drive like the Prusa XL or Tronxy machines alongside the Palette should give me the results that I'm looking. At least that is the plan.

    Looking forward to see what else you develop with Repetier. Best money I spent on 3D software so far.   ;-)
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