Adjusting Z axis distance from bed during print (via software)

I've tried a search but i can' t found an possible to adjust the Z axis distance from the bed during print? If i load the gcode directly via usb on the printer i can do it...but via software Repetier-host (or into server web page)?


  • I gues you mean babystepping to adjust position without changing real Z position.
    How do you do it with direct upload? On display lcd? That function should also work if you print over host/server.

    The server touchscreen also has a babystep page (reachable form status page) that does this.
    And of course you can also manually send the command to change it. In most firmwares it is M290 S<distance>.
  • Sorry if i resume this post but now that i've a working 3d printer, i need to understand this.
    So i recap the question:
    when i start a print via SD card, if i see that the Z.axis offset isn't right (because the extrusion is too far from bed or viceversa), i can adjust it in real time via the printer software directly from the screen (function "tune"). But if i load via repetier, i can't do it via printer screen either via repetier (because in host and also in server all the command in control page are disabled).
    Any suggestion?
  • You mean the tune entry is not available through server print? Otherwise you can use that of course.
    Because you should be close to printer when doing quick z adjustments it is only implementes in the server touch interface. If you have none and no user in server defined you can open it on mobile/pc of course if you have pro version with
    or send the command manually. Put it into quickcommands for quick access e.g. as Z Correct up 0.1
  • Yes...i have PRO version.
    no the tune entry isn't avaiable during a print not loaded via SDcard.
    Ok, i've understood. I'll try with mobile app and i create a quick command also...ty a lot.
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