Strange extrusion after some layers....suggestion for a newbie??

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Good morning, i'm a newbie on 3d printing. I'm trying to print a model but after some layer (at 35%), the extrusion becomes exaggerated and doesn't seem to follow the pattern created by the slicer anymore.
This is my setup:
- Tronxy VEHO-600 printer;
- Cura engine slicer of the Repetier host;
- 0.8 nozzle at 255 °C (i've 0.4 noozle also but i would like to make a try before print better);
- bed at 100°C;
- black ABS material;
- flow 150% (because at 100% some grid doesn't close well)
- velocity: 70%
- no fan enabled.

Here two photos: <---view from bed (with support) <--here you can see well the error
here the image from top of the gcode :
I haven't read any alarm message...

Any suggestion?


  • First you should check if extruder steps are correctly calibrated. Setting flow 150% is a no go. What shoul dbe 100% normally - if oyu need so much something is wrong and you should start at the root. So measure if you extrude 100mm slowly it sucks in 100mm filament or not. From the error you can compute the correct steps per mm for firmware.

    Also check if z moves are correctly. Is moving Z=100 make head 100mm from bed? Z distance also defines amount of filament required. Also check that at z=0 there is only a little bit friction if you have a sheet of paper under it.  If you are too low and use a lot of pressure to push filament out results will also be not good and change over z.

    Also I'd suggest using PrusaSlicer instead - it's much better and version 2.5 in latest host is really great.

  • Thank you a lot for the answer...i'll try asap....
  • I've found the problem...the X axis movement system.
    The cogwheels of the motor and the bar are constrained exclusively by the small threaded pins which, after a few hours of use, loosen causing errors in printing.
     If they are tightened too much, however, the hexagonal head is deformed.
    It would have been enough to create a small retaining hole in which the screw could partially enter to make a better grip during rotation
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