Help connecting printer

I'm trying to get some Elegoo Neptune 2S's connected to Repetier Server running on Ubuntu. I'm getting the below error and I cannot figure out how to troubleshoot it.


  • Please make sure you run 1.4.6 - in close past there were some issues with first connection that should now work better.

    Did you set baud rate/dtr/rts manually or is this result of autodetect?

    You might just say I'm sure and continue. The message just says the expected response was missing which was in one version the case and can also happen if firmware responds different then expected. As long as we get communication this is no issue and you can fix later in full config everything anyway. In the wizard it's hard to see the communication and what goes wrong. One other trick is to open server gui twice and after the printer gets created in wizard when it tries to connect you can already select it in second window and go to console to see communication which might help to see if communication was good or what is going wrong.
  • Thanks for your help. Brltty was highjacking the USB port. Have disabled the service and successfully connected.
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