Console update in 1.46

I just updated to 1.46, running on Ubuntu 18 on Raspberry Pi (armhf)

I notice that executing commands in the console window text box does not update the console window output unless I switch away from the console tab and back.

Is this a known issue?


  • You mean if you send e.g.
    you only see the answer after coming back? That is working on my regular pi image.
    Can you open javascript console on your browser when you do to see if you get any errors.

    When you come back everthing is refetched according to current log settings so that might be why switching works, but since it is working for me I wonder what makes it fail in your case, hence the console where you see javascript errors. Please expand if there is a stack trace also I fear the compressed version makes it hard to see anyway.
  • Hi, I don't see the issue  any more. I have been using the api and often sending bad commands, so it was probably my fault.

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