Control for heated bed not working

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I am using Repetier-host version 2.3.1 to print on a Colido DIY 3D printer. Before upgrading to this version, I was on version 2.2.4 and the software seemed to have an unreliable control of the bed, i.e. the bed wouldn't heat up sometimes. I would reboot the printer to get it working. (A couple of years ago, I was using an even older version, the heated bed was working reliably.) After upgrading to 2.3.1, when I used the manual control to heat up the bed, the bed temperature would not go up. I checked the connections and tested the relay. There are no problems there. When I turn on the heat for the bed, there are no voltage detected between the two terminals on the control board that are used to control the relay. The status above the manual controls remains "Idle," unlike when I turn on the heat for the extruder, the status would display "heating extruder."

Also, if I reboot the printer and reconnect Repetier Host to it, the software does not seem to recognize the heated bed. The bed temperature control would be missing. If I restart the software, it will have the control again. 

Is this a firmware compatibility issue or the board on the printer is having problems? When I connect the software to the printer, I get the following output:

19:45:39.205 : No start signal detected - forcing start
19:45:39.370 : FIRMWARE_NAME:Marlin V1; Sprinter/grbl mashup for gen6 FIRMWARE_URL: PROTOCOL_VERSION:1.0 MACHINE_TYPE:Mendel EXTRUDER_COUNT:1

Thanks for any ideas you may have to help me on this. 

UPDATE: I just tried to revert back to version 2.2.4. It is exhibiting the same problematic behavior. So, it was not the upgrade to version 2.3.1 that caused the issue. 


  • We do not control temperature, we only send M140/M190 to printer and printer firmware does the heating etc. 
    In printer setup you can disable M105 filter so you see if ack filte ris off the temperature response from printer. Check if it has B: for bed. After / is set temperature. You should set bed temp and see M140 S<temp> appear and next response shows / with new temp. Watch log if you get an error message that disables bed. That is often the case when the bed heater is defect (or fuse) or if the thermistor or connection has a broken cable. Sometimes they have long time contact and work and after samoe moves contact gets lost and firmware disables bed for safety. You should see the message in console.
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