Anycubic Predator doesn't work properly with Repetier Server

I tried nearly every possible setting to get the sensor information and having a flawless print without success.
I think the communication with the printer doesn't work right, it is not supported....will there be a fix or is there a solution for it?

Can't use the Repetier Server this way sadly.


  • Don't have the predator but if they use Marlin it should work. If they use a different firmware or have heavily modified it they might have added compatibility issues. But I would need to see the communication where the part not working gets visible. Best also output from M115 and M105 (do not hide ack/temperatur eoutput in console to see it).  At least I guess with sensor you mean temperture as it is the only sensor you see in server. All other settings are derived from send commands already.
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