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I do alot of 3d printing, with many variants of a given model to get the best print. This can cause some confusion on maintaining configuration control on which part came from which file. So, I have found that the best way to keep tracking of my best prints is to tag each physical print with the ID number of the file. I basically write that number on the part in a hidden area. Now when I compare teh variants its easy to home in on teh correct file. Putting the actual file name on the part is not practical. However, that number is somewhat buried in the UI. At least it seems to be. You can only get it from the print menu and not in any of the projects. And to see it in the print menu you have to know which file it is to get to the summary view. Is there a way to add the id to the UI as a column of the print menu? And it would be great to have it in the project views too.
The last issue is one of data hygiene. I often end up with alot of files that I no longer want/need. I always put the good ones in project folders, but I am still left with a large collection of unwanted files in the print UI. Deleting each one is tedious. Is there a way to do bulk tagging and deleting, without having to confirm each file and change pages?
Both of these requests may actually be doable today and I am just not seeing it. If there is a better work flow to accomplish the same result I am open to it.


  • Don't use ID. That is actually our way to give them unique names internally so you can have multiple files with same name. But if files with id are deleted it might be get reused. Actually new id is biggest id used + 1. If you need to keep track of this it's better to rename the file to contain an id in the filename. That would also preserve it if you put it in projects. The info file is not copied to projects so only filename is what gets kept.

    In  Repetier-Server Monitor (if you have pro version) you can select files and delete selected.
  • Thanks. Makes sense. 
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