Problem with multiple objects

Consistent but not repeatable error?

When I am printing multiple copies of the same object (Object1, Object2, Object3...)

Repetier seems to occasionally get "stuck".  At first, I thought it was that my layer time was too short and it was slowing down/pausing printing to allow things to cool a touch before putting on another layer, but that doesn't seem right after watching it for a while... it will just STOP, not do anything, and then move a touch, and stop again, and if I am lucky, start up after a few MINUTES and finish the objects.

Never had the same problem when printing from the SD card with the exact same code file.  Never had the problem when printing ONE object at a time...

Nothing in the console logs.

Last night, it paused... came down this morning, and everything was still running, but nothing had moved.  No error messages.  Plenty of filament; everything was up to temperature, just stopped. Queued up ONE of the objects, and it is almost done as I write this... no pause issue.

Thoughts?  Next steps to help diagnose this weird one? 

As I wrote, it doesn't always happen, but it never happens with a SINGLE object, only multiples (instances) of the same part.  No problem so far with multiple DIFFERENT parts, only "instances."


  • First is the server still printer - I mean do you see the gcode as being in progress?
    If it is in progress you see if we think it is printing or paused (then hit continue). Also check console ack if you get busy which means firmware is waiting for something.
    Enable logging so you can better check afterwards. Also see server.log at time where it stopped if you see any messages at that time.

    What version are you using?
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