RepetierServer Monitor: Backup don‘t works

why the backup function in RepetierServer Monitor don‘t works?

I tested on my old RepetierServer… only errors.
I did a complete clean installation of latest RepetierServer… add only one printer … only errors.

I tested with one printer, two printer … with and without logs, project files and all other options. Until now i can‘t create a backup.

Everytime I got error:
Failed files „database/klipper/……cfg“ … but I never installed klipper.

The error occurs also on a fresh installed RepetierServer. 
I only use Marlin and Reprapfirmware on connected printers.


  • Whcih monitor version are you using? Tested with 1.4.3 and 1.4.4 and could backup a pi which also has database/klipper which is actually empty if you never had a klipper installation. Testing with a version including configs also worked well.

    When you login via ssh to linux does
    ls -l /var/lib/Repetier-Server/database/klipper/

    On which os is  Repetier-Server installed? And what exactly is the error message? If you never isntalled klipper there are no cfg files so wonder what the full message looks like.

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