'utf8::not_enough_room' what(): Not enough space


I'm new with Repetier. I Installed the RepetierServer-Raspberry-Pi-Immage on a 16GB SD-Card. Whe I put it in my RaspberryPi 3b plus (1GB RAM) it worked until I wanted to add my first printer. After that, the server crashed. Everytime I try to restart it, I run into this error:

terminate called after throwing an instance of 'utf8::not_enough_room'
  what():  Not enough space

( https://img.robin-w.de/fIKE8/YIyACeji32.png )

Do you have any idea, how to fix it?


  • It's a bug that happens if printer sends non utf-8 character (maybe due to wrong baud rate). Please login to image using in command shell (cmd.exe / powershell)
    ssh pi@repetierserver.local with your password (raspberry if you did not chage it) and instll the dev version with

    where the bug is fixed already.
  • Hey,

    okay, now it doesn't crash anymore. But now I need a license, even if I want to use the free version.

    How does this work?
  • That was also the case before if you did not start the 14 day trial. Print/view 3d gcode does always work also in free mode. If you did not start trial go in regular gui to register where you can start 14 day trial. In free version the touch interface is not available.
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