Extruder using wrong pin?

I'm running Marlin 2.1.1 on an MKS Base 1.4 board with Repetier Server/Host in the most current versions and have the following problem:
The second extruder doesn't heat up. After checking the wires (no defect), I realised that whenever I want to turn on Extruder 2, the fan goes on. And when I turn on either the extruder or the fan, in both cases D4 shines up, instead of D2 for the extruder and D4 for the fan. I assume this is a firmware problem with the second extruder being wrongly using the extruder fan's output pin. How can I correct this?


  • Yes, thats an firmware issue. Make sure to select the correct board. For ramps I know there are several versions depedning on pin mapping for the 3 outputs being extruder or fan. If I rememeber correctly the mks board is like ramps just with one mor eoutput for fan, but might have also several board names. Or set pin number your self. But I'm no marlin expert so can't say more.
  • Thx, worked
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