Uploading by drag on "Upload G-Code" gives error "size exceeded" when trying to print

Since version 1.4.3 when dragging a gcode file on "Upload G-Code" it stated that the size would not fit on the printer like:

Print                Printer
200.00..300.00  200.00..220.00

but prints fine when ignored. The size of the part to print is not that large anyway.
The warning is not shown, when dragging the file on "Direct Print".

Slicer is Cura 5.2.


  • ..on a raspberry pie 2
  • It means used print area. You see in error message what it thinks how much size it needs.

    Typical reasons are:
    - Prime line at negative y like prusa does. Often reachable but bed is defined to start at y=0 and not y=-3.
    - G28 assumes a different relative/absolute mode then printer does. Add a G20 or G21 directly after G28 depending what it should be. This is often in end gcode when there is a G28 and then you add a move to a different position.
    - Of course the obvious that the object is placed outside bed, but when you say it was small and print worked I assume one of the 2 above.
  • There are 4(?) information lines and the last one is red marked and contains
    Print                    Printer
    200.00..300.00  200.00..220.00

    So why is there a 300?
    and why does it not happen, when dragging the same gcode file on "Direct Print"?
  • This Line is preceeded with "Bewegen Y", so it is only an error having a 300 which would exceed the print bed's Y-size.
  • Yes you have a non printing move to y 300. Check your end gcode script I think it is the absolute move interpreted as relative move due to a command changing mode without server seeing this.
  • OK, is has had
     G1 X0 Y300 F1000 ; prepare for part removal
    in the end
    But all my gcodes hav this Y300. It looks like the older repetier-server (do not know exactly from which version I updaetd) did not throw this warning message...>

    Thanks for support!
  • Ok that for sure is the line a sit wants to move to Y300. Older versions did not check the travel moves only printed area. Only reason it does not harm real print is that printer will ignore move or reduce it as it knows it is outside.
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