Z axis too fast on start print

I have used Repetier for several years, now I have a problem I can't fix. I adjust all the speeds and they work except when the print starts the extruder head moves  so fast downward it misses steps and does not contact the bed. This printer worked before. It is a Tronxy "P802m board. What's wrong?


  • Depends on what changed. Did the max. speed/acceleration in firmware settings change? Or did the z rods run dry and now have more friction to motor now stalls with old values? Rods not parallel any more adding friction? Many motor drivers also set motor current with a poti. Did it change position? Guess you did not open box to change it.  Standrad is that printer it self limits speed/acceleration so hosts can send higher speeds then possible and it still works, becase firmware reduces to allowed values.

    You can also try reducing acceleration/max speed. How depends on printer firmware. Run M115 to query which firmware the printer runs.
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