Infill doesn't go all the way to perimeters

I've tried slicing on both Cura and Slic3r, and have the same problem.  I have infill overlap set up to 50%, but still there are frequent gaps between (a double) perimeter and infill.  Usually, whatever side is showing a gap, the other side has no gap.  Any ideas what to change to correct this? 


  • Is the gap at every line of the infill or only at beginning of first line? In last case it is your extruder starting to late caused by droppen filament or slippage while retracting.
  • Thanks for the reply. The gap, when it happens, is consistent along an edge. It may have something to do with the direction change, which would make me wonder about things like acceleration & jerk. But it also stops short of the edge upon approaching it, not just upon leaving an edge.
  • Do you have a photo comparing preview and result? I think that would show better the problem.
  • Will capture one next time I see it.  Meanwhile, it may be as simple as a problem with a X axis bearing I'm chasing currently.
  • Reminds by about a problem called backlash. If you have backlash moves also do not start where they are supposed to do. Backlash is if you need some steps after reversing direction to move the extruder again. For cartesian printers you can enable backlash compensation to reduce this error.
  • Thank you. Will double check that as well. Is that a function of the firmware or Host software?
  • It is a firmware feature that must be explicitly enabled. Then you get 3 parameters in eeprom (which might be iniatlly totally wrong so check after enabling it).

    What it does is quite simple. Let's say it takes 1mm if you reverse x direction to get extruder moving again on direction change, it will insert a 1mm move on direction change so the move command will then get the full length. Of course 1mm is way too much and would be a sign for bad hardware design. 0.3mm is easily possible if some parts can slip(belt, pulley on motor shaft) or are wobbly. For good compensation it is important that the error is always the same. A can slip or not error is not really fixable.
  • Very helpful information.  Info like this would be useful in the firmware Installation manual.  Although I didn't actually RTFM, a quick scan just now shows little discussion of retraction distance in general.  This appears to have been one of my issues, retracting completely out of the hotend during travel, etc.
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