Selector for Default Project Server

Hi Guys.
Running 4 server instances (3 on Pi's/low powered hardware) and am only using one server to store projects.
It would be a small (but useful) time saver if you could select which server instance is shown by default when clicking on the project button - Example - Server1 is the project store, click on projects on server 2, 3 and 4 - they all default to showing projects on server 1


  • This would be a per server setting. But I agree that if oyu have a dedicated project server just becasee it is a bigger machine with maybe better driver it makes sense. Actually I think simply coming back to latest used server might be even more convenient. If you only have one it is then always selected, but if you have several you start where you stopped which is likely the one you wanted.
  • edited December 2022
    Remembering the last used project server would be perfect.  :)
  • Thanks for adding this in 1.4.9  :)
    Greatly appreciated!
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