Object Placement / Auto Position - to recognize Prusaslicer Complete Individual Objects

In Prusaslicer there is the option to complete individual objects one at a time when printing more than one object. To do this the objects have to be placed a minimum distance from each other determined by the Extruder Clearance Radius.  My request is that Repetier read if Complete Individual Objects is enabled, and if so, to read the Clearance Radius   when doing Auto Position - such that Repetier will place the ojbects far enough apart.   I have a 400x400mm bed and sometimes need to print 25 or more quantity of small parts.  When printing with PETG especially, the Complete Individual Objects feature eliminates stringing between the parts.  So, I use it all the time.  But, I have to position each part manually by the Clearance radius -  would be really great if the software would do that task for me.    


  • This is not possible that way. At the stage of positioning it is not decided which slicer you will be using or which configuration.

    But there is a solution - in Printer Settings->Printer Shape->Border in autoposition you can define the spacing you want to have.
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