TouchUI - Multi Printer status

On the server web interface on the home "tab" you can see some stats of each printer.

Is there a way to get multi-stats on the touch ui as well? right now, as far as I see, you can just see the progress of only the selected printer.

Maybe a snapshot, time printed, time left and possibly a progress bar or spinner?

I have 4 printers on the server, 2 Geeetech A30T, Ender 3 Max and a Prusa Mini. I have a 10" touch screen attached to the NUC running repetier mounted above my printers. Would be nice to glace at the screen and see where each print stands without having to touch the screen for each printer or having to sit a t one of the PCs and pull up a webpage.

Just a walk by glance would be so convenient.  ;-)

GREAT WORK SO FAR THOUGH!!! Really digging the server and web interface.


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    Just have to add, I know I can run Server Monitor on the machine and interact with it via the touch screen. Though it does lack nice big "buttons" that are small screen and fat fingers friendly.

    And of course, the web interface too, but again, small screen fat fingers, lol.  ;-)
  • Best available is if you select printer on home screen. It show connection state and print progress for all printers if the print. No preview of print or temperatures, but you see which one is busy.
  • A good workaround I found was to use the web gui in the browser, hit full screen then zoom in the page to make things easier to touch on the 10in screen.

    Quick and dirty but it works!  ;-)
  • That reminds me of an other option. You can in general have extra web links that open inside touch interface. How about oprinig dashboard web gui in touch interface as overview. No need to go to the web functions but you could. Just hope pi can cope with the load.
  • Repetier isn't on a pi. It is on an Intel 10th Gen i7 NUC with 64GB ram and an NVME for the OS running Kubuntu 22.10 so load really isn't a problem.
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